Custom Home Design

Why choose Cornerstone Residential Builders, Inc  for your new dream home ?

Cornerstone Residential Builders, Inc has over 24 years of residential construction experience with complete customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal. Our company focuses on honesty, integrity and quality as key elements of a successful relationship with all our clients.  We offer design build services that can bring your dream home from a sketch to a reality as well as customization of one of our diverse portfolio of plans.  Whether you own your land that you would like to build on or would like to build in one of our existing neighborhoods,  Cornerstone Residential Builders has the experience to make your new home  a reality.  The build process from our initial meeting to turning over the keys for your new custom home is designed to be an enjoyable and uncomplicated process.  Generally a new home takes 4-6 months for construction build time,  although each project is unique and will vary depending on size,  specifications and detail.  Cornerstone Residential Builders has been recognized with numerous Parade of Homes awards over the years as well as the ultimate compliment of building multiple homes for several of our clients.

How our process works:
1) Contact us by phone or email and we will schedule an appointment
2)  Each and every home is unique in design and specifications.  Our initial meeting is intended to let us get acquainted  and to determine what information is necessary to assemble a detailed proposal for the construction of your new home.  We will provide you useful tips and suggestions for your project as we discuss your design and specification requirements.
3) A preliminary budget based on historical standards for similar projects will  be established in a short time frame.  Our best effort will be made to work within your budget as a detailed budget is assembled.
4) A complete specification package containing detailed specifications, drawings and contractual agreement will be presented to you.  Upon your acceptance of specifications, costs and time frame, the work will begin to make your project a reality.
5) This initial  pre-construction phase to create and finalize plans, specifications, cost details and a contractual agreement typically takes 1-3 months.

Our Promise

  • Professional conduct by our staff and trades people.
  • An accurate schedule to completion.  You will be keep informed of the schedule details at each step of the process.
  • To obtain all necessary permits in order to construct your new home to all applicable building codes in your area.
  • Phone calls are returned in a timely fashion.  Open and frequent communications are critical to the success of your project.
  • Timely response for estimates, questions, change orders and other important communications.
  • Trained, experienced  and knowledgeable trades people are the foundation of our success.
  • Builder’s Risk, Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance are carried for the duration of your new home’s construction.
  • Work is performed to our mutually agreed upon detailed scope of work and specifications
  • A well documented written contractual agreement
  • We will  provide you with a lien waiver for all contractual work done on your new home upon completion